Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

Join Process

Join Process

Join Condition

Join Condition

1. The cooperation area is prefecture-level city, and the city of each county jurisdiction.
2. Entrepreneurial dream, passion and feelings, willing to cooperate with the enterprise, and jointly manage each market.
3. Recognize the business philosophy and corporate culture of holstarda, identify the marketing model and follow the brand path.
4. The operation of the project is exclusive, and the products are exclusive to horstown dry powder coating, and cannot operate the products of competitors.
5. Have good service awareness and business reputation, and willing to develop long-term with horsda.
6. Sales within the designated area shall not be sold in different places, and shall be sold in different areas, and strictly abide by the company’s established price system.
7. Equipped with own sales staff and after-sales service personnel.

Join Advantage
1. The high quality products of the world level are well received by the owners. The innovative results of many years of research by the chief scientist and Chinese American, Dr. jianan Yang, have produced a truly zero-pollution environmental protection coating with extreme ingenuity, and have been honed over thousands of times in five years. Through the national building materials testing center, VOC, benzene, toluene, xylene combined, free formaldehyde, lead, mercury heavy metal and so on have not been detected.
2.Exclusive production, domestic similar products, is better than liquid latex paint, in the production process does not add emulsion and film forming agent, antifreeze, preservatives, such as VOC, formaldehyde of raw materials, environmental protection performance is higher.
3. Dry powder state, no requirement for storage temperature and environment, can reduce the storage input of partners.
4. The products are rich in style and full of functions. The construction process is equipped with air testing instruments, which can dynamically monitor the changes of air quality, which is widely recognized by the owners and sold well.
5. The company establishes the position of the partner for the dealer, and the two parties share the product strategy and market strategy, provide strict market control and regional protection, and ensure the interests of the partners.
6. Higher profit sharing, higher per centage of dealers than market.
7. The market support mechanism, which is not lost to the top brands, consists of three supporting modules and 16 specific supports, which can achieve a higher proportion of the success rate of dealers.