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Hebei Meihe New Material Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2010, it is a high-technology enterprise to produce and investigate the environmental friendly dry powder painting products. The company R&D team is leaded by Chief Scientist Dr. Jiaan Yang. With expertise in molecule structures research, Dr. Yang successfully designed the nano coating forming accelerator in US, and then led the research team to develop the Heshida dry powder paint. This innovative coating material in power formulation is an environmentally friendly product with excellent adhesion and weather resistance for interior and exterior decoration. Through...
Hestar dry powder coating


Heshida dry powder paint is environment friendly coating products with independent intellectual property rights. Many experts said “ It is an innovative technology revolution for coating industry development history in more than 60 years on, it will lead the world painting industry entered the era of zero pollution.” In September 2012, Heshida dry powder latex paint passed“National technique appraisement for new product”in Beijing, which became the first dry powder painting material; the first through the “National technique appraisement for new product”; the first interior and exterior wall painting material without VOC, formaldehyde, benzene series, heavy metals , and fill the gaps in this domestic industry……

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Hebei Meihe New Material Technology Co., LTD

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