Hesida dry powder coating~green and environment-friendly non hazardous alternative solution

 In recent years, hazardous chemical explosions have occurred many times in many parts of the country, which not only caused significant personnel and property losses, but also posed a serious threat to the environment of the enterprises involved and the surrounding areas, causing widespread social concern. These shocking events reflect the importance of hazardous chemicals management and the huge management defects of the enterprises involved. Nowadays, the reform of hazardous chemicals transportation has become imperative. All provinces and cities across the country have called for an assembly number to increase the safety inspection of hazardous chemicals and special equipment. As a common material in the construction industry, liquid paint is also in the scope of a new round of rectification and restricted hazardous chemicals. Under the restrictions of large-scale rectification and transportation, manufacturing enterprises that have a demand for liquid coatings have begun to face the dilemma of "no materials available", and have to find another way to find a more green and environmentally friendly non hazardous alternative solution.

 Hesida dry powder coating is the answer that manufacturing owners are seeking. It exists in the form of fine powder, which is completely different from the liquid coating. As a new solvent free 100% solid coating, powder coating has the characteristics of solvent-free, environmental protection, saving energy and resources, reducing labor intensity and high mechanical strength of coating film. Because there is no solvent at all, Hesida dry powder coating is a non hazardous green environmental protection product, which can replace liquid coating in a wide range of fields, and can be more flexible and efficient in the management and transportation of raw materials. In terms of construction technology, the powder coating can be fully automated spraying and brushing. The unique asymmetric crystal conformation film forming technology and the secondary surface expansion adsorption mechanism make Hesida dry powder coating not only have no difference with the traditional liquid coating in the final coating effect, but also make the construction more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.