Is there a statement that the paint is out of date? Can I use it after expiration?

I believe we all know that the food is expired and can't be eaten! Then, can you continue to use the paint after it has expired?
In fact, no matter what is expired, it will definitely lose the previous effect or the original effect. Take paint for example, it will change a lot, such as deterioration, scaling, sedimentation, sagging, etc.
The shelf life of the coating is about 1-3 years
When consumers choose coatings, they often focus on the brand and function of coatings, and the shelf life of coatings is usually ignored by consumers, even some consumers do not know that coatings still have shelf life.
In the production process of liquid paint, some materials that can inhibit mildew will be added. The different amount of these materials will directly determine the shelf life of the paint. In addition, whether the water used for coating production is pollution-free will also affect the length of coating shelf life. The two points do not need to be considered for Hesida dry powder coating, because it is dry powder, which can be directly mixed with water for use, and can be prepared as much as possible without worrying about mildew and waste. Generally speaking, the shelf life of the paint is 1-3 years. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should pay attention to the production date and shelf life printed on the outer package of the coating in addition to the efficacy of the coating when purchasing the coating, in order to prevent buying products that have passed or are about to pass the shelf life.
Overdue paint will cause paint film defects
In the coating beyond the shelf life, each component may change due to various factors, so that it cannot achieve its due role and function. Moreover, this deterioration is sometimes irreversible. Even in the case of sealed storage, the overall performance and efficacy of the coating will also be affected. The liquid paint itself is a mixture. If the shelf life is exceeded, the paint may be layered, smelly, caking and other phenomena, and the number of bacteria contained in the paint will also greatly exceed the normal level. If such expired paint is used, many paint film defects will occur, such as weak adhesion, easy falling off, cracking, bubbles, etc., which will greatly reduce the performance and internal performance of the paint.
In principle, it is not recommended to use the expired paint. However, if the expired paint has been purchased and the shelf life is more than one month or so, it can be stirred to see whether there are obvious expiration phenomena such as layering, odor, caking, etc. If not, it can be used according to the circumstances.
It is difficult to preserve the coating after opening
When decorating, it is inevitable that the paint will not be used up after it is opened. Many consumers keep these paints for future use. In this regard, experts in the industry remind that the preservation of coatings also has skills. If the preservation method is improper, the use effect of the remaining coatings will be directly affected.
The paint should be used up within one month after opening, because the water-based paint may be polluted by dirty water after being mixed with water, and the roller dipping material on the wall with mold and microorganisms will also cause rapid deterioration of the paint.
It is recommended to store the unopened paint under ventilated and cool conditions. Generally, the storage temperature of water-based coatings is 0 ℃ - 35 ℃. In summer, the preservation of coatings mainly needs to pay attention to temperature and humidity. Most bacteria reproduce fastest at about 36 ℃, and most molds grow fastest at about 28 ℃. In addition, there is sufficient sunlight in summer, and the paint must not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, which will also lead to deterioration of the paint.